To run application press Configure button on its right side. You will be navigated to a page where the data is configured. There is a control keeping list of horoscope objects on top of this page. There is also a few buttons here. You can click
New button to create new horoscope object,
Edit to change parameters of the object selected in a control,
Delete to delete object from control,
Load horoscope to load horoscope data from web service,
Transits to navigate back to main page.
On pages available from New and Edit buttons you should set up name of the object, its position and sensitive points aka ones in aspects to the object. On page which is navigated by Load horoscope button you should set date, time, zone, longitude and latitude of place for which horoscope should be loaded. In zone field the east values are positive. There is also special field intended to distinguish various horoscopes called Prefix. You should set it up to prefix all loaded objects names. For each planet loaded the conjunct and the opposite is set as sensitive points. For houses only the conjunct is set. You should click Load button to navigate to configuration page.

You can download this application as Android apk file.